Thanks & Acknowledgements

The information on this web site could not have been gathered without the assistance of the Fairmount Heritage Foundation.

We give special thanks to Patricia Carmody, Executive Director of the Fairmount Heritage Foundation. Thank you Pat, for all that you do and stand for on behalf of Riverside.

Fairmount Heritage Foundation's mission is to preserve the rich, diverse historical and horticultural assets of Riverside and Fairmount Cemeteries, educating the community as fellow guardians to pass on those resources to future generations.

Interested in volunteering; attending a tour or event; or learning more about Riverside? Pat can be reached at 303-322-3895, or by e-mail

Other Thanks To:

  • Garry O'Hara, Riverside Cemetery
  • Ray Thal, Riverside Cemetery
  • Gloria Lynch, Fairmount Cemetery
  • Joanne Horst, Vickie's mom
  • Joshua Smejkal, Vickie's nephew
  • And

The staff at the Western History and Genealogical Department, Denver Public Library, Denver, Colorado