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Samuel Kelly
Medal Of Honor Winner S. Kelly
David Day
Medal Of Honor Winner D. Day
Smith Hastings
Medal Of Honor Winner S. Hastings
Wise Memorial Grave Sentry

About Riverside Cemetery

Block 12 Riverside has moved to As the Rocky Mountains to the West serve as a distant back-drop, nestled between the South Platte River to the West and the BNSF Railroad tracks to the East, is the old Riverside Pioneer Cemetery. Riverside Cemetery came to be in 1876, a replacement to City Cemetery in Denver. Soon after Riverside Cemetery came into existence, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Cemetery Association purchased about three-fourths of the lots within Block 27 for the purpose of burying their Union Civil War Veterans. Riverside Cemetery has a number of military burials. It is said, unofficially, that Riverside Cemetery has the most Civil War vets of any cemetery in Colorado. In 1900, Riverside was purchased by Fairmount Cemetery, which to this day, continues its day to day operation in Denver, along Quebec Street.

Riverside is the final resting place for a variety of people; from poor to affluent and from the simple to the famous; some merely passing through time, and some leaving their mark on history.

About Riverside's Military Burials

During the course of work on our sister site "Block12 Riverside" which identifies many of the unmarked paupers graves at Riverside, we discovered the military side of Riverside Cemetery. Civil War Sentry monuments (pictured above) seem to guard the more than 1,000 Civil War veterans interred in the cemetery. In the light of my own and my families' military service, I could not help but notice the thousands of heros that served during war time lying in these many long forgotten and unvisited graves. They gave lives, and in some cases, limbs, health (physical and mental) to fight in wars which exposed men to risks, filth, and horrors we can scarsely imagine. This site is colored Union Blue and Confederate Gray to honor them. It is dedicated to them and all who served. They deserve to have their service rediscovered by their families and acknowledged and noted by all of us -- and that is what we endeavor to do with this site!

With the help of the Block Book (each page indicating where a person is buried and if a marker existed); satellite shot, and handmade map, we have been able, for the most part, to identify who the headstones and remnants of headstones belong to.